Bulk Burlap Bags

Burlap has been in use for centuries for many reasons. This unique, durable fabric comes from the jute plant which grows quickly and abundantly around the world. It is a highly sustainable crop. This makes burlap a commonly used material that has stood the test of time. It has been used in many applications, from housing, planting, farming, packaging and so much more. Burlap is a classic material that will always have a use. Burlap drawstring bags are also very useful for many modern needs.

Burlap bags can help clients recognize your products. When custom printed with your brand logo, your products will stand out from the crowd. When burlap bags come from West Coast Bag Co., clients will equate the quality of the bags with the quality of your product. Custom printing couldn’t be easier. Send your logo, pick your colors and your bag size, and determine the quantity and West Coast Bag Co. will get to work. Your bags will be in your hands before you know it (lead time of 7-10 days). Get the process started with the online custom order form. Check out all the standard size Burlap Bags offered or call 913-286-4514 to create a completely custom bag from scratch.

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